Personal Office Kit in Blister Packing – Pack of 1


Personal Office Kit in Blister Packing – Pack of 1

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  • Personal Office Kit comes with everything you need to get started and required on desk for making things perfect for every day routine
  • Contains Whiteboard marker-1, CD DVD Marker – 1, small cutter – 1, Sticky Note – 1, Note Grip 10g – 1, Glue Stick 8gms -1, Highlighter – 1, Correction Pen 7ml – 1


1 Display Box = 1 Pc

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Our Personal Office Kit has everything you need handy while working in Office.

Our kit consist of Whiteboard Marker, CD DVD Marker, small cutter, Sticky Note, 10g Note Grip, 8gm Glue Stick, Highlighter, Correction Pen 7ml. The Whiteboard marker ink is specially formulated to be low-odor making it perfect for use in classrooms, offices and homes. CD DVD are best for permanent marking on any smooth surface, paper etc.

Small cutter is handy to use for small cutting purposes. With our Sticky Notes, you can create small reminder notes and stick them to the desktop, move them around there freely, close them to the Notes list. Note Grip will be effective, yet hygienic and anti-fungal for counting the pages freely and hassle free.

Made from non-toxic, safe chemicals, free from solvents and firmly sticking to the ASTM D-4236 standards, sticking anything now becomes a very strong bond that will last very long with our Glue Stick. Highlighter are ideal to highlight for paper, copy or Fax.

The Finest 1mm metal tip Correction pens which are easy to use are here to help out. Just apply and start writing over it ,as the fast drying nature of the pen ensures no waiting time

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Handy kit while working in Office

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100,000 Pcs MOQ


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Soni Office Mate - Personal Office Kit in Blister Packing – Pack of 1
Personal Office Kit in Blister Packing – Pack of 1
 175.00  140.00