About us

Soni-OfficeMate is the international brand of products manufactured and marketed by M/s Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd. the flagship of Soni Group, which commenced operations in 1981.

We are an ISO 9001 Organization, and are based out of  the geographical centre of India, literally in Nagpur.

Nagpur is the most happening 21st century city of the India equipped with modern infrastructure and built -in logistical advantages. Innovation is our tradition and Customer satisfaction through Quality is the driving force. In tune with these, we are absolutely self sufficient. Our infrastructure includes: R&D, Designing, Chemistry, Mould development, moulding, Production, Packaging CAD/CAM.

This very spirit of innovation & up-gradation has enabled us to improve our Aesthetic appeal and affordability of our Products, Designing capabilities, Production control, Process economics, Quality and of course our Market shares.

Soni-Officemate Products have gained acceptance in India, Asia, Africa, Middle East & Europe, USA etc.

Domestic and international demand for Soni-Officemate Products is rising rapidly and our 5 modern units fulfill it capably. Besides being an ISO9001 Organization, we are OEM suppliers to some of the World-renowned organizations. Many fresh proposals are already nearing fruition and we are setting up 5th new unit exclusively for Exports.

Thanks to the concentrated efforts of 300+ TEAM SONI, now we are a leading stationery manufacturer and Exporter in India. TEAM SONI has decided to make Soni-Officemate a house hold name the world over and we trust them to deliver once they decide. For we believe that ,”People make an Organization”. And fortunately, we have such people who make it happen.

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Knowing The Brand

We identify your sense of style and your needs to have a comfortable and superior experience in the world of School & Office Stationery Items. Your needs inspire us to achieve new definitions of Quality, Design and Innovation. We design products that provide you with an unmatched superb sense of style.

About Our Company

For over 37 years, Soni Polymers Pvt. Ltd. has been at the forefront of innovating & producing some of the best stationery items in the world. More than just ordinary office tools, they are a symbol of the ever increasing demand for quality products. This has led Soni Polymers to dream a possible dream, which is “To achieve iconic status by making Officemate a household name, sitting proudly amongst some of the reputed & most admired stationery products of the modern era.”

The pursuit of innovation is basic to Soni Polymers culture. It shapes the strategy, defines the purpose, & governs every facet of the operations-from research & development (R& D) that leads to newer innovative products, aesthetic appeal & affordability, to the production capabities & the response to the ever changing market needs.

Nagpur, located in central India, is a bustling city that enclaves our ISO 9001-2008 certified company which is spread over 2,00,000 sq.ft. of space & manned by a team of around 300 qualified staff, segregated into departments namely R& D, designing CAD/CAM, laboratory, mold development , molding , production lines & packaging, who ensure that every product fabricated in Soni Polymers emboldens our dream of worldwide presence as a strong , reputed brand in stationery.

Our Technology


Our Zero Defect Technology

Zero defect & 100% Quality & Customer satisfaction are our guiding principles. Besides prompt technical support, we also offer Customising & Comfort testing. We have necessary know – how, expertise & infrastructure to manufacture.

Product Development Technology

Innovation is our tradition. We are always eager & willing to develop new products. Confidentiality is our commitment. Just get in touch with us; our experts shall create what you have in mind.


Low Viscosity. Less Smudging & Smooth intense flow.

With the low viscosity ink, you can be assured of smooth flow of ink. The fast drying ink avoids smudging. Makes it very ideal for left handed writers also.