Covid Keychain Jar in Pack of 24 Pcs

Covid Keychain Jar in Pack of 24 Pcs


Easy to Use

Fits in your pocket, purse or can be used as key chain

Hands free can be used in operate switches, doors, lifts, lavatories, etc

Jar of 24pcs

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During this Pandemic NO TOUCH Safety tool which is designed in form of Key Chain which remains with you for long time.

These Hands free Covid Key chain gives you freedom from direct touch to the contaminated surfaces and get infected from dust, germs.

These hands free minimize the tension of washing hands frequently and can be used in day to day purposes

Available in 3 colours.

Covid Keychain Jar available in a pack of 24pcs.

Additional information

Attributes / Specifications

Tough plastic body make look very elegant

Export Quantity

5000-10,000 USD

covid keychain jar
Covid Keychain Jar in Pack of 24 Pcs